UT News March 2013

Fri, 2013-03-15

It’s been relatively busy for Uminari Taiko even though this is technically our slow season. We enjoyed participating in the Mochi Tsuki Shinnen Kai event in January. Some of the youngsters show real promise so maybe in future we can recruit some of them!  We have had to move from our EuroStudio space because the new facility is just not quite noise proof enough to keep the neighbours from enjoying our practice sessions as much as we do. We will be moving to Gordon Head Recreation Centre for the beginning of April. As it turns out, our contact there is related to Boyd Grealy, formerly of Uzume Taiko and our first instructor. It’s amazing how small the world can be sometimes.  In amongst that activity, we had a student from Royal Roads University interview us and record us playing on our last day at EuroStudio’s Fisgard St location and we’ve moved to ProJam Studios in the interim. Tsugio Kurushima gave a presentation to one of the music classes at UVic in early February and we’ve performed twice in March. Our first performance was at the BCGEU Women’s Conference on Mar 1st and our second was at St. Michael’s University School on Mar 5th. Coincidentally, a select group of young people from Morioka Daiichi High School were visiting as part of their year-end graduation and we were treated to an impromptu performance of Sansa Odori which Uminari members joined in on. (As luck would have it, I bumped into the instructors from Morioka, Mr. Yagami and Mr. Shibata, later in the week and had the opportunity to show them around Victoria on their day off.) We have already finished our first series of classes but have a workshop and more classes coming up. As always, VNCS members qualify for a discount and we’d be grateful if you could recommend us to friends or family as well.  Please join us as we spring forward into our new season. Upcoming performances will be listed on our website, www.uminaritaiko.com.

Jacob Dersken